15 Tips To Find Off-Market Rental Properties Today

An off-market house or rental property is not marketed for sale to the general public. These properties are not listed on a multiple listing service. They are also known as off-MLS listings, or pocket listings (because real estate agents keep this type of listing in their pocket, metaphorically).

Off-market properties are marketed to buyers through private channels. Sellers may choose to keep their properties off market, because they want to restrict the numbers of buyers and avoid a bidding war, test the waters on a particular price, pay less in commissions, or to keep the property sale private.

According to a report by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 11% of sellers find a buyer for their property without ever listing them on an MLS.

Buying and selling off-market properties has several advantages. These include more affordable home prices, less competition, and complete confidentiality. The latter is particularly advantageous for real estate investors who may wish to keep the sale private from their tenants. Let’s look at how to find off-market properties.

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