Non-Conventional (Non-QM) Loan Options for Real Estate Investors

One of the greatest advantages of real estate investing is leverage. This is particularly true during times of inflation. When you leverage, or use a loan to purchase a real estate investment, you can maximize your returns by minimizing the amount of your own cash invested.

However, many investors feel stuck when they find themselves at the limits of conventional lending options.

Maybe you’re self-employed, don’t have “traditional” income, looking for portfolio loan options, or maybe you’ve reached your 10-loan limit, there are loan options for you.

Beyond the situations listed above, in many cases, “traditional” investors have discovered greater flexibility in the non-conventional lending space.

On this webinar, Richard Advani of Supreme Lending, one of RealWealth’s preferred lenders, will discuss what’s happening with interest rates on the non-conventional lending side and new loan products, including interest-only options (without the dreaded balloon payments).

He will also cover:

  • Life after 10 loans
  • Low/no income documentation loans including 40 year interest only loans
  • Current interest environment – will the rate rally continue?
  • Re-deploy equity via cash out loans?
  • Rent inflation
  • And more!

Watch now to learn how non-conventional loans can open up new opportunities to grow your portfolio.

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